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The most important line in the article is a headline as that gives heads up if the article is relevant to what they are searching. 

People are likely to click on a google suggestion if the headline created is relevant to the search term.

Headline generator analyzer tools

Why is blog headline important

Even if the articles are interesting and knowledgeable people might not open to read them because there is a missing effort of making a catchy headline.

To increase the open rate catchy blog headlines are required so that the reader is intrigued with the topic of discussion and would want to know the entire blog.

If you are about to take a book the first thing we do is read the description printed on the backside that gives us clear knowledge of what the book offers us. In the same way, headline gives us a clear idea about what the article is going to offer us.


Making use of blog headline builder

The process I follow to create a headline is-

  1. Use Blog headline builder to first get ideas.

Headline generator analyzer tools


        2. Next is to use a headline analyzer to optimize score and SEO score related to it.

Headline generator analyzer tools

In the above image, you can see the iterations made to improve the score.

These 2 simple steps can help to create a great headline for your blog articles

Disclaimer: Need to signup on the platform and the free account can be used to generate headline. If Pro features are required then you can pay for the same.


Detail steps to use blog headline builder and free analyzer tools

Go to Contentrow Headline Builder tool and put the topic you are searching for.

You will get to see a ton of blog headlines just like a swipe file would have.

Select the topic with a good score and most relevant to your topic of blog.

Copy the final blog headline and head to the analyzer by Coschedule to see the score to your topic. Also the SEO score to the headline

Headline generator analyzer tools

There you get to see headline text analysis to make changes to improve the score.

Like using power words and emotional words over just common words.

Headline generator analyzer tools

In the above image, we can see that there are words used with differences to get the best out of SEO score

In the SEO section there is an option to see related keywords and hence use similar words with more relevance to SEO and overall score to the headline.

In this way, we can create a relevant and catchy headline using a headline generator and headline analyzer tools.

We get to see the best of both worlds coming together to give us the perfect headline to be used for our blogs.

Headline generator analyzer tools

By going through the process of multiple iterations and using power words and sentiments it gets optimized for a better score.

It also makes a list of all the recommendations done throughout that period of time so that you can experiment with different words and finally end up with the best and yet try to optimize it to the fullest.



If we are putting in so much effort to do the Keyword Research and write a wonderful 1000 words article, do complete SEO for it to rank on Google but miss on the best headline possible and see the traffic losing out.

Instead, we can very easily use these free tools to Optimize with a good score for it and also best from an SEO point of view. 

There are people who make use of headline swap files which is a good technique. These tools make use of such databases to provide us with various ideas to use for our blog.


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