Freelancing Journey of a digital marketer


This is the journey of how I got started with Freelancing during Lockdown actually helped me to be productive and find a purpose instead of just completing my Engineering Degree.


Digital Freelance is a strong point that gives confidence for the actual skills one possess over any degree procured.


Engineering Background

In my 3rd year of Engineering I had made up my mind that the traditional way of coding and finding a job that would handle my income is not the path I was looking for. 


I always wanted to explore different things and find unconventional approach towards life.


After reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, I was convinced that financial freedom is the most important trait to go after. And since then I’m building skills that could lead me to the path of Financial freedom.


Search of a mentor

Since then I was in search of something that I can use my skill to practice. 


My journey started when I decided to make my Linkedin much approachable. This was during the time when Lockdown had started and I wanted to upgrade myself. 


First I came across Vaibhav Sisinty’s linkedin workshop. That was the steal deal and really utilized to the fullest.


From him came to know about Digital Deepak. Since I wanted to learn Digital Marketing I joined Digital Deepak Internship Program. This was one of the best decision in my life. 


DDIP is one of the best course where we actually have to go ahead and practice the knowledge gained. After practising digital marketing, a lot of my mates found results by getting into jobs, Freelancing and even become mentor in their respective fields.


You can read my review on DDIP here.


Grabbing Freelance Opportunity

By now I had created a decent Linkedin profile with all the doings of my practical experience regarding Digital Marketing. 


One of my friend saw my profile and reached out to me saying that he wants digital marketing help in what he was doing. Here began my actual Freelance journey in digital marketing. 


He had a client for whom he had made a website as freelance work and wanted help with SEO. 


I was the happiest person to do that as anyways it was a lockdown situation, colleges were shut and I was already learning these skills and practising on my assets. 


Learnt FB Ads and Google Ads on the go


While I was freelancing with SEO services for this new website. When I spoke to the client and understood his requirements and purpose for creating the website. 


I recommended to him a solution that Ads would be the best investment for him in order to gain customers. I was in the process of learning Fb Ads and what would be a better opportunity than to practise it for a real business. 


As the business was a lean one I could not splurge him with a lot of costs. So I went ahead and created a landing page using Convertkit. Here began my journey with running Fb ads and eventually Google Ads.


I got good results with both Fb ads and Google Ads. It was a tough niche of Real Estate yet I had cracked 6 Leads with just a mere budget of Rs5000 in a month.


How Marketing Automation and SOP could help 

Then once the Ads were setup and running. I wanted to give the access of leads to the customer. 


The most effective way I could find was using Zapier. I created a zap of lead formed to Google Sheets and shared the sheet with the customer. 


This generated the liking of Business Automation work. This niche was very much unexplored and not much people understood the power of Automating tasks


It might cost a bit more to automate things with CRM but that brings ultimate efficiency to the system.


I’m yet in search of my tonic. And Digital Freelance is one of the thing I liked doing.


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