Warning:You’re Business is Losing Money by not using Marketing Automation


The biggest mistake SME’s are making is that they are not keeping their clients in the loop.


Follow-up might take extra effort but making that effort shows the client that they are important for the Business and hence creating a good bond between them.


Once the Brand Image is built then word of mouth also helps which is the best and trusted source of attention any company can generate.


But How this can be done?


How can businesses be in touch with 100’s of B2C clients they have?


That looks impossible


But the fact that Marketing Automation can make this possible by customizing the experience for each user.


Yes, we can very well customize various fields by some basic data of the customer and give them a special experience.


Various Emails regarding the services and Products can be provided to customers with various informative content.


These Mails can be sent in Drip format so that they get various emails over a period of time.


Not only that we can also keep a track of read receipts and send them emails accordingly.


Also, we can come to know if the link i.e Call to Action is triggered or not and send Personalized emails accordingly.


Why is this problem taking place?


With the emerging technologies there are new tools coming up every now and then.


Big businesses are making use of these tools to boost their profits.


My question is why the SME should stay back at it ?


They are not using these Automation tools because they are expensive.


They cost a bomb on a monthly or yearly basis.


That is the reason SME shy away from these tools but only if they could see this as an investment and make use of it.


But the Least costly investment can be making a website and there is a good article on How to build a website for Business.


They could just 4X their sales by making use of various tools for Lead Generation, Lead Profiling and Lead Nurturing techniques


Businesses should consider getting some talent who know to work on various CRM tools and setup the entire Buyers Funnel for them.


The people skilled in these are low in numbers and hence the Market doesn’t know its importance yet.


But with the Corona side effects of businesses going online these skills are valued and are going to have a good demand for Business.


Here is a Blog with steps for business to go Online.


There are various types of Marketing Automation used:

  • Data Collection: Landing Pages, FB Pixel, Google Pixel, Google Analytics
  • Data Input Tools: Google Form, Type Form
  • Integration Tools: Zapier, Pabbly, Publer
  • Email Marketing: ConvertKit, MailChimp


One of the Marketing Automation widely used is Email Marketing.

So lets get deeper into it.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We are seeing the power of Emails for more than a Decade.


People are using emails even before there was Social Media.


Nowadays people are getting too attached to Social Media but the real truth is that Social Media is someone else property and how much reach is given to a particular individual is in the hands of the Algorithm.


How many followers will see your content depends on Social Media and there is no control given to us.


Whereas in Emails once we create an Email List there is an equal opportunity that your audience is going to open the Mails.


There can be two types of Email

  1. Trigger Emails
  2. Drip-Feed Emails


In Trigger Emails we try to send some Actionable Content where at the end we either drive traffic towards our Blog, Lead Magnets or Sales Pitch.


In Drip Emails we provide Informative content to our Consumers. Because only if sales pitch takes place then it’s more likely people will Unsubscribe to our Emails. Making Informative 


Persionalization of Emails is very important. Because if it looks like a general bulk mail, people are going to skip it.



Lead Generation

Just Collection of Emails is not Lead Generation.


Personalization is very important and the basic requirement is the name.


Suppose you get 2 emails, one with your name other without name.


You are most likely to open the one where your name is present.


This is an Email by Digital Deepak where he addresses me by name which gives an extra Personal touch.

Email Lead Nurturing

Personalization of mails have been done by business in order to let the customer feel friendly behavior by the brand.


But does he send these email manually ?


NO, this the power of Automation where you make generic templates and use various fields like name, profession and interests in the email to make the person realize that his data was not only taken but has been seen by the Brand and the connection is become deeper.


How can we generate leads ?


People are very reluctant to even give their names and Email ID.


So how is that we compel them to take action and provide us relevant data.


By giving them some sort of relevant information(Lead Magnet) like:

  • Ebook
  • Membership
  • Video Lectures
  • Courses
  • Webinar
  • Free Trial


Once we get an Email Id and name (and in some cases even Phone Number) then it qualifies as a Lead.


To know more on Lead Generation you can check out this blog by Devansh Tomar

Lead Profiling (Segmentation)

There are various data that can be used in order to understand who are your audience, what  content they consume and how can you provide them with Knowledge/ Entertainment they  are seeking for.


The various criteria which can be used to segment our audience are:

  • Location
  • Interests
  • Age Group
  • Buying Power
  • Industry
  • Services Purchased/ Not Purchased
  • How they Learned about you


Lead Profiling is a point usually Business ignore conveniently and that’s the reason they are losing lot of their business.


Because they don’t pay attention at what exact problems can they solve of their audience by knowing more of the lifestyle choices.

Lead Nurturing

“79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of this poor performance.”  

– MarketingSherpa


The Information we send over emails should be genuine and useful.

Email Stratergy

We need to build a proper strategy in order to provide timely information to our Leads and Customers.


Developing this strategy in the right way is called as Lead Nurturing.


Too many sales pitch is a strict NO,  then the audience would not give you attention and most likely will Unsubscribe to your mails.


Which we so not want.


How to Nurture the Audience right way:


Once they have SIgned up for Lead Magnet


Day1: Welcome Email with brief intro of Brand/ Personal Brand

Day3: Explain features of your product/ service

Day5: Provide with a high quality Ebook

(And So on until they Buy or Opt-out)

And at the end we take care of the supreme i.e Sales

Sales Complete

I wanted to cover Integrations as well but it would just increase the length of article, so better to have it on another day.


Thanks for reading out this, if you would like to add something in the Comments you guys are always welcomed.

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