Publer Review 2021: Social Media Scheduler

Why do we need a Scheduler?

Being active on Social Media is become very important for Businesses to find Customers and also for Individuals to know the latest trends and stay voke about their thoughts.


Social Media is always a game of Reach and there are particular times in the day where most people are active on Social Media and hence get the best reach. 

The Initial Reach and Engagement states whether the content is good enough and the Algorithm gives a thumbs up for it to be seen by more people.

We are making so much effort to find content and create image for Instagram, Facebook and writeup for Linkedin then we want it to reach most of the people.

That makes it important to post certain content in a particular time interval.


But if we get busy with certain work then we are not available at that time to post.

This is one of the use of Social Media Scheduler.


Other use is if you want to post daily content but you do not want to invest time daily posting on Social Media.

Then we can schedule the post for entire week, month or even YEAR.

You save the time of daily work and can invest in your other purposes. Because time is money.


Since we have taken a look at the Problem, It’s time we discuss the solution.


Publer: My go to Social Media Scheduler

Publer Social media Scheduler

I was doing a lot of Social Media Posting and realized lot of time was getting consumed instead of me doing some productive work.


Then I understood of such Social Media scheduler and thought this would just ease out life and I went ahead with Publer. The best part was that the UI is very user friendly and easy to use. 


This Tools supports various Social Media 

Various Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Instagram (Using Zapier)
  • Pinterest (Using Zapier)


Not only these but they also have Google My Business which I have not yet personally used. But might use once I setup one.


Same Post or little different words (Very Efficient)

Content same over all platforms

The tension of logging in on each Social Media was just made simple as I could create just 1 Content select various accounts where I wanted to post and then post.

Content Different on platforms

But suppose I don’t want the monotonous content on each platform then there was a pretty simple option where I could just make some changes here and there on different posts very efficiently and post or schedule with just a single click.


Team Building without Password Sharing

Team Social media

As we went ahead and build teams instead of sharing passwords with them we could just add them over with their Email ID into team member and they could continue with their routine tasks.


We can assign them roles and also keep track of which accounts they can have access to view account and go ahead and post or schedule content. Right now I have an option of adding 3 Team Members to my account.


Media Management

Media Management

The latest news which come out is an integration with Canva. 

Using this we can create any image on Canva and instead of downloading and uploading on Social Media we can easily pull Canva data on Publer and can use it directly from there.


Apart from this, the posts which are done earlier are saved in the library online and we can repurpose them easily in Publer.


Feature I did not Knew they had

Competitor Analysis

There is this new feature in Publer I recently found while creating content for this blog. 

Very useful for Content research, we can find out about the latest trends happening in any industry and catgorize them according to locations and competitors.


Useful for doing Competitor research and analysis as to what is trending on the Internet. There are all the option of finding out targeting to competitor websites and find out what are they talking about.

Here is the result of general search of business category in India

Content Trending



Not only a Scheduler but they also have analytics where we can check out the Reach engagement and also Number of Link clicks. The basic requirement of analysis is done. While some other tools might provide more indepth analytics but they are a bomb to the pocket compared to this Tool.




While I had received this product as a Life Time Deal, while you guys reading the case might not be the same. I’m running on the Aurum Plan with 30 Social Media Accounts and 3 Team Members. If you see the monthly plans below it’s expensive but you can start using the free version right now and may be later want to upgrade it as per your usage.

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Pricing of Publer

Bonus: If there is a lifetime deal again I’ll update it right here and can also send you intimation if you subscribe to our Newsletter. No spam genuine Digital Tools of your interests.



Free Plans Hootesuite VS Buffer VS Publer 

  • Hootesuite has a feature extra to others called Social Listening which is not just the basic Analytics like Engagement, Reach, Link Clicks but it also notices the mood of the people. The Free Plan provides only 30 Scheduled Posts over 3 Social Acconts and then you need to upgrade for paid plans. But generally we are active in more then 3 Social Media so it caters half the problem.
  • Buffer provides the same scheduling feature as of now. The Free Plan provides just 10 scheduled posts over 3 Social Accounts and that’s it then you need to upgrade to paid plans
  • Now comes the reason why I like this one. With all the features mentioned above it’s Free plan is good for starters. The Free Plan provides 50 sheduled posts over 5 Social Accounts. This might suffice the need of basic requirement who has started out new but can’t spend bomb over such Paid tools and once you feel your business is going well you can consider taking the monthly deal or wait for the Lifetime Deal as well.


Don’t think much go ahead and start using Publer. I’m sure if you are dedicated to your Social Media accounts and post regularly you will save a lot of time.

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