Most Unique Digital Marketing Internship I have experienced


Whenever we think of an internship there is this one picture we always paint of doing lot of work in return of peanuts.


But what if I tell that for every assignment completed there will be a reward given.


Not only that the assignment completed will benefit the individual over the company teaching.


Sounds Damn Cool isn’t it.


I’m talking about one of its kind program called the Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) by one and only Digital Deepak.


If you have already heard about him and are not sure whether to be a part of this internship program.


Don’t hesitate and go for it.


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And others stick around till the end by then you will be clear why this could be the best choice to learn Digital Marketing.


My name is Juneeth Panjri and I have been a part of DDIP Batch 4 and this program has just changed my thoughts completely and given me an all-around knowledge of Digital Marketing. That is the reason I decided to write a complete detailed review of my experience with this Program.


This program is for you if

  1. You are new to Digital Marketing and don’t know where to start from


  1. You are already working and want to upskill and know about recent trends and practices


  1. You want to switch your career to Digital Marketing.


Be rest assured you would find the Best Mentor and a wonderful tribe who are always there to help you throughout the learning curve.


Let me introduce you to the man himself Digital Deepak aka Deepak Kanakaraju.

Digital Deepak

He started his Digital Marketing Career as a Blogger with highly informative content on Digital Marketing Tips Blog by Deepak Kanakaraju


He has worked with notable Startups like Practo, Instamojo, Razorpay, Exotel, Theorem etc.


Then he went on to start with his Digital Marketing Agency Pixeltrack.


He has created a lot of High Quality Courses in the domain of Digital Marketing.


But what he noticed was just 3-4% of Course completion rate which is the Industry Standard.


This was happening because people were paying for the course getting enrolled then starting it with enthusiasm but then life comes in between and we forget about the courses.


I’m saying this because it has happened to me that I have not completed alot of Online Courses.


He wanted this to be changed and wanted people to not only watch the videos and be overwhelmed but to take action.


Then he thought of this wonderful program where he would give rewards on completion of the programs and that seems to be working pretty well.


Because the process was smooth and I not only learnt but also implemented the assignments provided and got the rewards in return.


But I won’t tell you the reward yet just get till the end and it would be a surprise.


Why is it better then other courses ?


As I told you earlier that it compels you to take action over just consuming theoretical knowledge. It is well stepwise segregated to take small actions and reach the bigger goal.


This Internship program broadens your mind and shows perspective never had before.


It is a 12 week program and 4 Bonus week where each week signifies a specific topic of Digital Marketing and you get a weeks time to take action and complete your assignment.


Every week is divided into 3 parts:

1st being the main Pre-recorded video which is 1.5-2hr long video by Deepak depending on content.


2nd being the Assignment video where the assignment for the week is explained by Deepak.


3rd is a QnA session which is taken by Team Digital Deepak in order to solve even the basic queries you have regarding the assignments to be completed.


Talking about the week wise lessons they are structured as following


Week 1: Success Mindset 

Success Mindset

“Steel can’t be damaged by anything but it’s own rust. In the same way it is your own mindset which can ruin things”.


The very first week was meant for our minds to be ready for changes going to happen. Be open to new opportunities and we should not be overwhelmed by the end of it.


It was about how we see our lives and how we would like to see it later.


It had a part where we had to write an article of our 2.0 Version where we mentioned what our lives would be after 5 years and what could we achieve in order to work towards the future we want to associate ourselves with.


Then my favouite was noting an objective truth that others don’t believe in but you feel it to be true. Because I had such a thing in mind.


Then there was a part where we gave a personality test and then we were put into separate groups where we could interact with like minded people.


Week 2: The law of Marketing 

Digital marketing

Even though we are learning Digital Marketing, the core concepts of Marketing are very important. Digital Marketing is just using online tools to do Marketing. But Marketing is the most important to learn and it was thought in this week.


Marketing is about sending the right message to the right people at the right time.


Traditional marketing was lacking in targeting the right audience and how Digital Marketing is used in order to fill in the open gaps and increase the conversion rate in the process.


Then we were explained about the CATT Marketing Funnel


How CATT i.e Content, Attention, Trust, Transaction are used in the process to have a holistic view of the Marketing efforts.


The Evolution of Personal Brand from Learning, Working, Blogging, Consulting, Mentoring and Startup is explained.


The part of the Assignment is to write an article about the entire understanding we could get in this week regarding Marketing. You can read my article Fundamentals of Marketing, a timeless skill to possess.


Week 3: Discovering your profitable Niche 


“Riches lies in Niches”.


Niche is basically specializing over one topic and going deep into it.


Niche has 3 major sections. The three sections are based on this system where we are overlapping your passion, talent and market opportunity


  1. The first one is to find your passion. 
  2. The second one is to find the area that you are talented in, or can develop a talent in. 
  3. The third one is to understand the market needs along with identifying your customer avatar


We were pushed to know more about self, where I had to note down things about my passions, the talent I possess, and whether there is a market opportunity available for this.


Once we knew what was our ideal Niche then we had to develop our Custom Avatar of where is he, what does he do, what is the age, education, income, goals, problems faced, how can we solve it for him. Which was a pretty in-depth study of an ideal customer for our Business, Job search, Freelance gig according to the final goal of an Individual.


Not only that we could go deeper into our Market Positions to decide our well fit with the industry.


We also gave names to our organization, courses, workshop so that makes us Psychological prepared for our future instead of hesitating for Future opportunities.


Week 4: Creating your WordPress Blog 

Wordpress blog

When we are using some Product for free then we are the actual Product.


How we are using Social Media but actually they are using us for their needs of content and advertisements.


So the Importance of Self Hosted WordPress Website was explained and how it helped Digital Deepak start his Digital Marketing Career and how we can make use of the same in order to accelerate our careers and make use of Personal Branding.


How to choose the right Domain Name because once fixed that cannot change. What is Hosting and how can we make use of Hosting Servers for our own Website and start with a blogging journey.


Suppose hosting is like the land which you purchase and Domain name is like the name of the house and your WordPress website is the house build on it.


We were not only told how to set up but also explained some basic settings which are good practices to use. We were also asked to create our own website as part of the assignment so that we actually take action.


Alot of people faced issues as this was a bit technical but 2 QnA sessions were conducted by Kamna Jain from Digital Deepak Team and she broke things into simple steps to be followed and wanted everyone to complete their assignment.


Which was the best thing I experienced because they wanted us to take action and people requested extra help which was also provided.


We were made to set up Google Console and Google Analytics as well. So that we not only create a website but also optimize our website.


The important Plugins required for a website and some SEO part was also explained and was asked to take action.


Week 5: Becoming the king of Content 

Content Marketing

As we all know the famous quote

“Content is the King”.


Inspired from this Deepak has dedicated a week for Content Creation.


He did not only guide us how to write content. But thought us the Manifestation of Content. 


How to design a Content and using Mindmaps and make pointwise thoughts of the content so that you can structure the flow of the content.


Not only Content Creation but also Content Management was thought by making use of Content Calendar


He made us overcome the resistance to create Content.


I made my first video and I was nervous yet I did it and here is the result.


That’s not it, we were pushed to Manifest our First Book and become an author as well. So we were asked to write the title and outline for my First Book.


It’s all Physchological training given by Digital Deepak to us inorder to open our minds. Otherwise which fresher would think about writing a book.


Week 6: Social Media and Networking mastery 

Social Media

As I mentioned earlier the cons of Social Media using us but at the same time how we can make the best use of Social Media in order to Distribute our content.


Some Topics covered inside were:

  1. Evolution of social Networks
  2. The collapse of Social Networks
  3. Own your Social network
  4. Control your Network
  5. Nurture your Network
  6. Building your 1000 True Fans


How to generate traffic towards your Blog and other Content and generate an Email List so that you can reach out directly to your audience.


Social Media is decreasing reach with the increasing number of people using the platform.

That is the reason you don’t have control over your content. But when you have your Blog and you have people in your mailing lists then you have direct control over the reach of your content.


How to create right network for yourself in order to boost your Personal Branding.


Not only that we were pushed to conduct a webinar of any topic we wish to. It was altogether different feel to conduct a webinar with live audience. I was a bit shy so what I did was called my friends over and explained them some topics of Digital Marketing. You can watch here


Week 7: Lead Generation & Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We were thought about B2B and B2C Lead Generation.


Various Tools used to Prospecting and Outreach to B2B leads through various sources especially through Linkedin and Websites. Email scraping by making use of tools.


But the most important is Ethics. He just not left us with giving powers but also explains how to use it responsibly. Told us about malpractices and asked us never to fall into the wrong doings.

Various CRM tools, Landing Pages Tool, Optin and Drip Marketing Tools were also given an idea about.


Week 8: Mastering Facebook Ads 

Facebook ads

The importance of Fb Ads is shown and how India is the largest user base of India. They have the most information about their users and provide good targeting skills based on Demographics, Interests of people.


It provides with the cheapest form of advertising Online. It helps measure your Ad spend and track ROI.


Not only gained theoretical Knowledge but was pushed to run Fb Ads myself and show the post as well.


It was easy for me as I had already ran Fb Ads for my clients and finished assignment instantly.


How Fb pixels can be used in order to generate Custom Audiences and drive Remarketing Campaigns. How Custom Conversions are used.


Disclaimer: I know most of the terms I mentioned are technical and might have gone a bouncer for some of you. So the best solution for gaining knowledge is right in front of you.


Week 9: Mastering Google Ads 

Google Adwords

While FB ads being an Outbound Sales, Google Ads is a form of Inbound Sales i.e the people who are actually interested in your product/ service come towards you through Keyword Targeting.


We were asked to develop Google Search Campaigns and then setup Conversions and Retargeting Tracking Codes on our website. 


Video and Display Campaigns were also part of the Assignment for Internship Program.


By Search Campaign we found interested people and using Tracking Codes we retarget them towards Video and Display Campaigns.


And the most important part is Optimizing our Ad Campaigns.


Disclaimer: Be it FB Ad or Google Ads Remarketing is very important and the actual money lies there and these important points are well covered in this Program.


Week 10: Search Engine Optimization 


Even though we have made a website but it is not to be seen on Search Engine and is not discoverable then what is the use of it.


Evolution of Search Engines from Yellow pages to Google Search was explained.


So we were asked to complete all On Page Seo on our self hosted website.


We were asked to write a Blogpost which had to be backed by Keyword Research. Also, we had to SEO optimize the post.


Then analytics of the website is asked to measure and keep a track of.


There was one Wonderfull Bonus this week:

The most interesting part about Off Page Seo which people find difficult was simplified. Since we had the Tribe so we could interact with each other and create genuine Backlinks from relevant Niche Blogs of our Batchmates.

Week 11: Deep Marketing Automation 

This is my most Favourite topic from before and I had interest in it and was eagerly waiting for this week to see what DD had in store for us.


And like always he would never let our expectations down and it was indeed the best video on Marketing Automation. I have written an article on it, You can know more Click Here.


The most famous Integration Tool named Zapier was used by us and we had developed a complete automation process of Email Drip sequence where we send relevant mail according to the option selected by the lead would be shown to them in the Email.


It would look like a personalised Email but it is structured in that format and the point being all the stuff is just feeded once and it automatically happens on it’s own.


Week 12: Sales and Copywriting

This week is pending and I will update it later.


Bonus Weeks

This week is pending and I will update it later.


Fees for the Digital Deepak Internship Program

Action Taker                DD Internship

This program is technically free for Action Takers. It is a unique cashback model where we get our money back for the actions we take. 


Also, there are various Bonuses DD will give you along with the learnings and the Cashback.


Don’t think too much if you want the best mentor, give it a shot and you would find much more than you invest.

Click on the button and go apply for the Internship Program and find the wonderful change I have experienced.

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If you ask me to describe in 1 word I would say “Life Changing” and it is completely true.


I’m telling because I have experienced the changes and they are putting you out of the comfort zone just to find a better version of yourself and you will be happy at the end.


The most important thing is that you are bound to take action with the excitement or fear of losing money. Whatever may be the reason but the output is sweet execution of Digital Marketing.

The best thing is the Networking you do with the other Batchmates and you get to learn so much about each other as well.

You can apply for the Digital Deepak Internship Program Click here.

I would clear it out that it is an affiliate link.

You can connect with me on Linkedin


Juneeth Panjri


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